Catalina Leone in her new bikini swinsuit – sexy!

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Another great lesbian threesome with a strap-on featuring Lioness, April O’Neil and Jean Grey.

Atom Porn

This too explicit rendition of A.T.O.M. frenzy with the sexiest heroes of this toon find themselves in the naughtiest pursuits. A hottie from a world’s known Catalina (LIONESS) Leone toon squeezed between and a couple of sizey! This piece of mad comics bunch punch will make you to have all of your juices going all those hot and juicy A.T.O.M. hentai junkies enjoying themselves!…

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Lioness shows her fit body wearing bikini

A.t.o.m Porn

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Axel told her that frequently sex is good for physical shape but looks like he just wanted to fuck her…

Atom Porn

Be on the alert because this toon A.T.O.M. thing brims with more suddenness than you can dream of: the most experienced studs with huge tools! Catalina (LIONESS) Leone Let’s get inspired by whore that is being screwed now ;) Let’s get inspired by A.T.O.M. hentai bitch that is getting hammeres on the pavement after she’d been doing her shopping a short while ago.

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Atom Porn Story: "Last Chance – Chapter 16"

Lioness sat by the window edge looking out into the night watching the rain drip down the pane. She held her knees in her hands and watched the rain slow down to a drizzle through the light on the street. She sighed to herself worried about shark. Her eyes looked off into the distance ignoring the shadow appearing next to her.

Dont worry lioness, Axel told her leaning his back against the wall in front of her. Shark will be back,

Lioness looked up and smiled trying to sound happy as she spoke.

Ya I hell have to if he wants to fix up his bike, I cant think of any other place that would know Mr. lees technology,

Axel smiled and pushed off the wall heading back across the living room to where king and hawk were. Lioness looked back out the window. Im not worried about him not coming back, I just dont know what to say when he comes back. Lioness shook her head. Sorry is all if have to say, why am I getting all worked up about it? Lioness quickly jumped to her feet and dove her hands down in the green pockets of her pants. She watched the floor as she paced the living room until Mr. Lee was heard through kings computer.

Alright team, Paine has been sighted at an abandoned warehouse down by the river.

Every one from lioness to hawk glanced at each other.

Got it ML, axel replied, gear it up team,

Lioness glanced at axel in front of her as the drizzling rain hit her. The wind whipped past them as they headed for the warehouse which they had stumbled upon before.

What about shark, she asked through her communicator.

Ill tell him to meet us there, was his response as everyone turned and hawk soared from above.

Shark raced through the streets feeling much better from before letting the soft pat of rain sooth his heart and mind.

I guess I should go back now, he said to himself watching the street lights fly past one by his thoughts broke as he heard axels voice come in through his helmet.

Shark, Paines been sighted at the broken down warehouse by the river, well meet you there.

Shark slightly flinched closing his eyes, fixing his gaze ahead of him. His hands clenched on the handle bar before he revved the engine and sped up down the road. See ya there Axe-man, shark out,

Shark leaned harder against the bike before taking a sharp turn down the road. He looked ahead and saw the bridge, the water rippling from the rain. He stopped and scratched his helmet.

Dude I forgot the bridge was out.Shark sat there for a minute before kicking back up and going the way he came trying to find a different route.

I hope I wont be to late for the party, he said before disappearing down the road.

Well here ya go, I will probably end the story soon since i’m kind of losing intrest in it. But the good news is i’m going to write another one about sharkness. (Yeah i made that up, catchy right?) So when this one is done i’ll start on that one.

Thanks for the reviews!

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Atom Hentai Story: "Last Chance – Chapter 17"

The engines died as the crew came upon the familiar warehouse. Axel stepped out of his ride and took off his helmet tossing it on the inside. Lioness jumped off her bike and did the same laying her helmet on the seat and began to walk next to hawk who landed nearby. King appeared on her other side and the four stood side by side looking at the warehouse. A sunrise was beginning over the river shedding light on the team but their faces were serious and hard. The wind tossed by picking up some of lioness hair. They all stood looking at the building, the one that brought back harsh memories. Hawk was the first to walk forward followed by axel, then king. Lioness held back a little and did a half turn towards the empty road. She tried to catch a glimpse of an approaching shark but an emptiness filled the space instead. She heard someone call her name and she quickly jumped back into reality. Jogging over to kings side she clenched her fists and put her hands behind her head.

Shark better hurry up and get here, or the fun is going to start without him, king said flicking a piece of dirt off his shoulder.

Shark will be fine, for now we are just going to have to handle things by ourselves, axel replied stopping at the front door.

There was an eerie silence and axel looked at everyone before grabbing his tag blaster, (with the others following) and gently pushed open the door. The team scurried inside staying close to the rotten wood walls. Lioness held her blaster to her chest and glanced back at the door just before it closed. Shark still wasnt there. There was a creak along the floor and the team hel Continue reading

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Atom Hentai Story: "Last Chance – Chapter 18"

Axel was slammed into the assembly line machinery his arms holding Paines arm away from his face. The Energy sword coming dangerously close to his face.

Axel! lioness called but was cut short as a metal leg slashed across her path. Quickly jumping out of the way the metal spider stood in her way of axel.

Axel struggled with Paines face staring him down.

How do you like it now manning? Paine asked a wicked grin across his face.

Axel strained and felt his arms being pushed harder into his chest, the energy close enough for him to feel the heat. King found an opening and rushed to axels side yelling into the air. Jumping over the machinery king was almost there when a huge dumbbell smacked him in the chest. Flying across the room axel tried to follow kings body with his eyes.

King! he cried but was snapped back to the threat in front of him.

You should worry about yourself manning, Paine threatened kicking axel away from the machinery. Skidding to a halt on the ground, axel reached up for his communicator and jumped away from the sword that skimmed his arm, slicing up his orange and black suit.

The lines aren’t working again

The lights reflected off sharks helmet as he raced through the tunnel. The dim yellow lights flying past like a river the wind tossing up his yellow suit. The tunnel was empty and shark narrowed his eyes under his shaded helmet. He had a strange feeling welling up in his chest. Something was going on.

He heard a crackling come from inside his helmet and it snapped him back into reality. He waited for the noise to stop and a voice come through but he had no such luck. Lifting one hand off the bike he touched the communicator part on his chest and turned it on and off again. The crackling seized but when he turned it back on that was the only sound around. He questioned i Continue reading

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Atom Porn Story: "Last Chance – Chapter 19"

The bike roared through the streets as cars flung past his body creating ripples in his bright yellow suit. Pushing his heel down hard into the brakes Shark tried to stop the bike. A loud screech filled the air as the tires tried to stop moving, creating black marks and making smoke fill the air. Turning to the side and lowering speed Shark rested his foot on the ground and nearly jumped off the bike. Quickly tossing off the helmet he sprinted over to the door. Crashes and yells faintly echoed around the empty warehouse as the light of the morning sun reflected off the river behind him.

His eyes grazed his surroundings, finding his fellow teammates bikes still there setting an automatic sigh of relief escape his lips, but at the same time a shiver ran down his spine. Violently knocking open the door, Shark burst through the rotten warehouse knowing exactly where his companions were. His arms and legs pumped back and forth rhythmically as the crashes grew louder and the yells more clear. He could hear names being thrown across the room and the wood banisters above him shake with the force of an impact. His adrenaline went crazy as the assembly room came into view and he skidded to a halt almost falling over. The instant he slid into the room he fell to his knees and ducked for overhead a person came flying at him. King crashed into the door way above him and eventually fell off onto him.

Ouch, about time you got here! King yelled at him. Shark looked at King with a dazed expression. King was bruised and bloody with dust lingering all aro Continue reading

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Atom Porn Story: "Last Chance – Chapter 20"

Her eyes glazed with almost a liquid ice feeling, so cold that she felt frost would cover her cheeks. As she sat there on one knee Shark fell forward without a sound or movement or any resistance. He hit the ground sending up a spray of dust and the creaking of floorboards filled the room. Lioness just sat there looking at the fallen hero. She didnt understand what was wrong with him, one moment he was jumping and sliding all over the place and thenShark laid their motionless as his back quickly rose up and down with the shortness of breathe. Almost smacking herself to move Lioness jumped over and put her hand on his back, kneeling on one knee. She pushed on him feeling his chest rapidly move under her in an unnatural way.

Shark, she called still pushing while she called again, Shark!

Never had one of the team fallen randomly like this before, it was a shock and she just couldnt grasp it in her mind. With no response to his name Lioness rolled Shark over to his back, his head laying limp as she turned him over. Then she saw why Shark had fallen. Across his chest lay a long thick black burn across his skin from shoulder to hip. Lioness glanced up and gasped; now she could remember when it was too late. When Paine came close he was able to cut shark across his chest before being hit by the jet of air.

Lioness put her hands on his still warm chest and watched as his chest rose swiftly up and down as if he wasnt getting enough air. She listened and found an irregular heartbeat, something fatal if not quickly taken care of.

Quick somebody call the hosp Continue reading

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Atom Porn Story: "Last Chance – Chapter 21"

Lioness Sat with her arms wrapped around sharks limb form as she pressed her face into his chest. She wailed into his chest rubbing her tears across his yellow suit. The sirens outside seemed silent to her, the lights flashing, lightning up the room around her. Axel and King heard her cries but couldnt reach the two for there was too much debris in the way. Lioness stopped rubbing her head feeling defeated and weak. She opened her eyes, a far distant look in them. She tried to tell herself that this was a dream, shark was just playing one of his tricks on her. Lioness eyes filled with tears again and she clutched shark even harder than before like that of a frightened child and her teddy bear.

Lioness did not understand why it had to happen to shark, the goofy one, the one who always smiled, why did it have to be the one that enjoyed life the most? But a thought threw a wave of guilt over her body.

This is my fault she thought to herself slightly pulling away from the yellow fabric, her eyes wide open. Maybe if I hadnt been mean to shark and made him run away he could have been here and things could have ended up differently!

Her mind raced over the past few hours and she slightly let go of shark, letting him slip through her hands onto her lap. She looked into his face with such a look of horror that she felt that her mind was deceiving her. Time was moving slow around the wounded pair as she felt her heart race and blood rush.

The last thing I said to him.was that…he didnt belong on the teamthat he ruined my lifeI hated him.

Her own mind seemed to betray her, her heart told her to stop when she could have but her rage and anger never ceased. Her voice was choked as she tried to speak her eyes welling with even more tears. She closed her eyes and looked away.

I never meant that shark! You belong on this team! You belong in the house, You belong in my life! Lioness scrunched up her face the tears freely flowing, squinting her eyes to try and get rid of the nightmare.

I-, Her words were cut off as something brushed up against her cheek.

Lioness eyes shot open and she looked into her arms to find two crystal blue eyes looking at her.

Shark weakly looked at lioness, his eyes half open and full with such color the ocean looked dim against his eyes. His chest moved ever so slowly against her arms and his arm was shakily raised toward her face. Lioness stood motionless afraid that if she moved shark would disappear. Shark halfheartedly smiled, his lips trying to move and turned to a small smile towards lioness. His fingers gently brushed up against lionesss cheek, pushing the tears off her face and onto his hand. Lioness felt his hand and glove brush her tears and she started to smile towards him.

Dont worry, Shark whispered so softly Lioness thought she missed his words. A slight pause froze time just for them, I forgive you,

Lioness felt the room around them disappear, the heat of fire vanish, the panic in her soul disperse. She felt that what he said was unreal, without hesitation or question he forgave her, even after all the stuff she had said to him.

Lioness didnt have the power to move as somebody took shark out of her hands and placed him on a stretcher. She watched as they carried shark off, the arm that rested upon her cheek hanging over the stretcher, slightly swinging back and forth.

I know it’s a little short sorry! But I hope you guys like the story, there is only one more chapter left so review while you can! I would appreciate it, haha. Well, You could have guessed Shark wouldn’t have died but hey, those surprises are in my next story! And a special thank you to every body who reviewed! Lots of love to ya!

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