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Atom Hentai Story: "Snakes Bite – Chapter 2"

Chapter 2


However, just before Viperhit the floor she felt a pair of arms around her. She looked up tosee the guy they called Axel had caught her just in time. Viper gotto her feet and stuck out her hand. “Cheers.” She saidgratefully as she shook his hand.

“No problem.” Hereplied and hurried to help the rest of the team. Viper stood on thespot and looked up at the balcony where Paine had been. But when shelooked she saw that he was no longer there. She looked up and downthe alley but he was nowhere to be seen.

Lioness fell into thesplits to avoid one of Spydah’s mechanical legs. Jumping back shebrought her leg around and it made contact with Spydah’s cheek. Hecursed her and raised his fist. However, he froze as a small redlight on his wrist started flashing. “You got lucky Lioness.”

“Nine lives Spydah.”Lioness replied.

“Hmph.” Spydahtook off and Flesh soon followed.

As Flesh barged past,Viper placed a small tracking device on the back of his neck.Immediately afterwards it began pulsing a pale blue light. Viper wassatisfied and leapt for the railings on the balcony. But just as shegrabbed hold with one hand she felt a hand around her ankle. Shelooked down to see Axel’s hand around her leg. “Not so fast.”

She did not look alarmedinstead she replied calmly. “Let me go.”

“You’ve got someexplaining to do. In other words, why do you want to track them?”Axel questioned.

“Let me go first.”Viper said still hanging on to the rails with one hand.

“How do we know youwon’t run off?”

“Axel. Let her go.You’ve got to believe the word of a beautiful lady.” Hawkinterrupted.

“Oh brother.”Viper groaned as she saw him offer to catch her. Axel let go of herankle and instead of falling into Hawks arms, Viper vaulted off theside of the rails and landed neatly on the ground behind the group.

Hawk looked dissapointedbut soon hid it and returned to his usual smug looking face.

“Well you might aswell start with your name.” King said.

Viper raised an eyebrow.”Misha Roberts.”

“And you got thenickname Viper? How?” Shark said.

“It’s a long story.”Viper answered. “But I believe the only reason you stopped mewas because you wanted to know why I put the tracking device on Mr.Tall big and gruesome.”

“Well yeah.”Shark answered.

“Well when Painedestroys your home and steals your ten-thousand year old talisman,you kind of want it back.” Viper explained.

“A ten thousand yearold talisman? What do you want with it?” Hawk said. “Couldn’tyou just buy a new one?”

“No I couldn’t. Itwas passed down for me. And it’s sort of unique.” Viperanswered.

“Right. But why doesPaine want you to join his team?” Axel asked.

“What is this? Sixtyquestions?” Viper sighed. “Because…now don’t all hate meat once, I’m sort of an expert at getitng into places undetected.”

“So you’re a thief.”Lioness said.

“Welltechnically…yes.” Replied Viper. “But that doesn’t mean Iuse every oppurtunity possible to steal things.”

King raised an eyebrow.”It’s true.” Viper insisted. “But anyway. If that’sall your questions answered. I’ll see you around.”

“Wait. If you needour help you can find us at the Aquarium.” Offered Axel.

“Thanks. But Ialready know.” Smiled Viper.

“You were able tobreak in to the base?” Lioness said. “What did you take?”

“I got hungry andfancied a little snack.” Viper said as she leapt onto thebalcony and out of site.

“What!” AxelShouted after her.

“See I told you itwasn’t me that took the food.” King interrupted.

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Atom Hentai Story: "Snakes Bite – Chapter 3"

Chapter 3

Protector of the spiritguardian?

Thenext day dawned over Landmark City and bathed its citizens inglorious autumn sunshine. Axel was on the steps of the Aquariumstretching, he was preparing for his morning run and was lookingforward to a quiet peaceful one at that. He finished stretching hisquadriceps and started to jog towards the park. The dewy grassbrushed against his uncovered ankles and droplets of cool watertrickled down into his shoes, the effect was not pleasant but yetAxel was prepared to ignore it and continue on his run. The city wasspectacular at sunrise, there was silence all over only broken byAxel’s footsteps and breathing. The pearly sun was just awakening anddrawing back the blanket of darkness, and although it was fairlydark; Axel found it easy to manoeuvre around the alleys. He enjoyedhis tranquil surroundings and knew that they would all too soon bebroken by the commotion in the city.

Inan alley not too far away from the aquarium, lay Viper. She waswrapped in thick blankets to fend off the unseasonal chill that ranthrough the air whilst the sun was not present. In the alleywaysespecially. Sleeping on the streets was becoming a regular thing asshe was running out of the little money she had. After Paine haddestroyed her home she had only managed to rescue a few items, theessentials that would allow her to survive in the harshest ofconditions. On the odd occasion she would have enough money fromselling stolen goods to pay for a hotel room for the night. But onoccasions such as yesterday, when Paine had taken all the money shehad, she was forced to sleep rough. The constant and steady rise andfall of Viper’s chest was soon broken as she began to awake. Thelight crept up the covers and soon her eyelids flickered and sheraised an arm to shield her face from the blinding light. She shifteda little to the left an Continue reading

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Atom Hentai Story: "Snakes Bite – Chapter 4"

Disclaimer : I do notown the songs Lady Marmalade or Sexy love.

Chapter 4

Out tonight

Sitting in front of therest of the team after telling them she had broke into their base andraided their fridge was actually alot easier than Viper expected.They all greeted her in a friendly manner, and none seemed to bedisapointed that she was there. Allin all it was a very relaxedatmosphere and Viper was quite excited to be there. She knew she hadnot been all too friendly when they first met, and was not exactlypolite to Axel when he had run into her down the alley that morning.But now it seemed that she was making an effort to fit in.

“You shouldn’t leavehere until Mr. Lee has seen you.” Axel said. Viper nodded toshow she understood.

In the past she didn’tcare if she was on her own but now she wanted to have friends, shewanted to know what it felt like to be part of a team. Growing upalone was tough, especially when Viper was forced to live on thestreets from the age of forteen due to he fact Paine had destroyedher home. Flashbacks still played havock with her dreams, and it wasnot uncommon for a peaceful night to turn into a nightmare.

Viper stared at themoonlight through her window, she watched as the clouds skittedacross the giant silver crescent, obscuring the light for briefmoments. She was too energetic to sleep, she needed something to door somewhere to go. Suddenly her eyes lit up and she leapt up fromthe bed, she tip toed over to her wardrobe and pulled out her tightwhite halter neck, black cargo shorts, and gold ballet pumps. Shelet her hair down and ran her brush through it a couple of times. Sheadmired herself in the floor length mirror before deciding she wassatisfied with her appearance. She had only just remembered tha Continue reading

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Atom Porn Story: "Snakes Bite Chapter 5"

Chapter 5


Waking up bleary eyed andwith a slight headache, Viper looked at her surroundings. Shesquinted and made out monitors, an IV drip, railings on the bed and atag on her wrist. Groaning she fell back against her pillow and shuther eyes tight again. She knew where she was immediately, though whyshe was in hospital she did not know. The last thing she rememberedwas having a go at Axel for trying to lock her away in the aquarium,and then everything afterwards was blank.

Viper opened her eyesagain and stared up at the plain ceiling, how long am I gonna bestuck here? she wondered. Boredom had already began taking over.”Screw this.” Viper said as she carefully removed the IVdrip from her arm. She winced slightly as the needle slid through herskin before she left it on the side of the bed. A small bubble ofblood formed where the needle had been but it didn’t bother her. Sheremoved the tag from her wrist and looked for her clothes. Someonehad already visited as her jeans and blue top were laid out on achair near the window, she dressed in a hurry and headed for thedoor. However, just as she closed the door and looked up she was faceto face with Axel and the rest of the team. “Busted.” Shesighed as she got caught.

“Going somewhere?”Lioness said as Viper looked defeated. Viper smiled sarcastically,but the grin soon slipped off her. They headed back inside the room.Viper noticed a new man with the gorup. He had blonde-ish white hairand was wearing thick glasses.

“This is Mr. Lee.”King explained as he saw Viper looking at Continue reading

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Atom Porn Story: "Snakes Bite Chapter 6"

Chapter 6

Crossing of paths

“Viper?” Viper
opened an eye as she herad a voice calling across the gardens. She
looked up and saw Lioness heading in her direction. She wiped any
remaining tears from her eyes and slowly stood up.

“Umm. Hi.” Viper
pasted a amsile on her face.

“You all right?”
Lioness said concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine.”
Viper said as she began wlaking back towards the hospital building.

Lioness cut in front of her. “So really, what’s up?”

Viper opened her mouth to
begin explaining but froze as she saw the bench behind them, There
was Axel laying down oblivious to their presence, Lioness raised an
eyebrow before slowly turning around. “Oh.” Lioness said
simply as she saw Viper still staring at him coldly. “You know.
Axel doesn’t always mean what he says.”

“Really? He seemed to
mean what he said.” Viper replied as she took her eyes off Axel
and looked at Lioness.

“It’s Axel. One
minute he’s on a high, the next he’s on a low.” Lioness

“Oh so it’s like he’s
got p.m.t.?” Viper said. Lioness grinned and nodded.

Axel opened his eyes at
the sound of laughter nearby, lifting his head up a little he looked
around. He soon saw Lioness and Viper standing neabry chatting,
little did he know they were laughing at his expense. He sat up and
leant on his knees, he squinted to see their faces properly against
the blinding sun. Strange feelings started to boil inside him, he
felt the same feelings that he had felt when he wtached Viper dance
w Continue reading

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Atom Porn Story: "Snakes Bite Chapter 7"

Chapter 7

Parting of ways.

“Not so fast Viper. I
think I’ll be taking this talisman.” Paine said as he pulled her
up by her hair.

Viper winced as a few
hairs ripped form her scalp, she longed so dearly to kick him in his
“sensitive area”.

“The talisman is
bound to me Paine. It will never work for you.” Viper said and a
weak smirk flitted across her face briefly.

“That’s what you
think Misha Roberts, the worst protector of the spirits in history.
God, if the rest of them are like you it’ll be a piece of cake
releasing the unnamed spirits.” Paine laughed mockingly.

Axel leapt into the air
and attempted to deliver a high kick to Paine’s head. However, Viper
shut her eyes tight and a large blue force field prevented form
getting to either of them. Axel bounced back and rolled along the
ground. He jumped to his feet and looked at Viper confused. “What
the hell do you think you’re doing! I’m trying to help you!” He
yelled. Viper looked at him with a pleading look on her face.

“This is my destiny
Axel, let me fulfil it!” Viper’s hazel eyes turned electric blue
and she stared at her talisman in Paine’s hand fiercely. Please
work. Plase, just this once, work.
She kept eye contact and soon
enough Paine released his grip on the charm, he looked down at his
hand where there was a blazing shape of her talisman on the palm of
his hand.

“You bitch!”
Paine screamed. He drew his fist back and took a swipe at Viper, she
ducked to avoid it and leapt up high to avoid his low kick. Axel
watched on helplessly as she fought Paine in the giant blue bubble.

Viper flipped and twisted
to avoid Paine and his growing fury. The vains on his temples were
now pulsing in an unsightly manner, Viper was now starting to worry.
She was not usually easily scared, but the violent manner Continue reading

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Atom Hentai Story: "Snakes Bite Chapter 8"

Chapter 8


Axel sat alone in his
room. He was staring at the tiny piece of Viper’s talisman in his
hand, she didn’t deserve to have to make that choice. He thought
bitterly of Paine and how much hurt and suffering he caused the
world, especially Axel. He lay back on his bed and closed his eyes,
the evening sun rested low in the sky which was stained with a
mixture of golds, bronzes and vibrant reds.

A young boy walked out
of the temple with his father. The older man looked down at his son,
“Axel. I wasn’t able to protect the previous spirit guardian.
But now you will have the chance to save the new guardian. You must
fight with all your energy to keep her alive.”

“Who was the
previous spirit guardian?” Axel said as they walked out of the
temple grounds.

“Your mother.”
Sebastian Manning replied. Axel stopped walking.

“But is there no
way of bringing her back? I mean surely her talisman could bring her
back. It possesses all these powers.” Axel said as he thought
about all the ways possible to bring his mother back.

“After the spirit
guardians demise there is a certain time period in which the warriors
may be able to find the spirits of life and death. As the spirit
guardian protected them throughout her life they will be able to
grant her or the warriors one favour as a token of their gratitude.”
Sebastian explained.

“But how long is
it?” Questioned Axel.

“Seven days. In
that time the warrior may have to travel to the ends of the earth to
find these spirits. But once the warrior has found them, the warrior
must endure a task of the sprits choice.” Sebastian replied.

“What was your
task dad?” Axel said.

“I never found
out. I couldn’t find the spirits in time…”

Axel’s eyes snapped open
and he sat bolt upright. “That’s it.” He whispered. He
sprung from his bed and darted into the lounge. King, Lioness, Hawk
and Shark turned aorund at his abrupt entrance. “I know how to
bring Viper back.”

“Axel what are you
tlaking about?” Lioness frowned.

“I know how to get
Viper back. We have to find the spirits of life and death.” Axel
said as though it was an easy feat.

“So do you know where
these spirits of life death are?” King added.

“No. But surely
there’s got to be some clue as to where.” Axel replied.

“But they could be
anywhere. Anywhere in the world.” Interrupted Shark.

“Yeah. And we don’t
exactly have the money to travel anywhere we want in the world.”
Hawk said. “Hey. Maybe i could do some acting. With a face like
mine, I’m bound to find work quick. They’ll be fighting-” Hawk
began to veer steadily off track.

“HAWK!” King,
Lioness and Shark shouted at him.

“You guys. My father
was the last warrior for the spirit guardian and she was my mother.”
Axel said trying to calm everyone down. “Now he couldn’t find
the spirits in time, but I think I can.”

“In time?” King
repeated. “There’s a time limit?”

Axel nodded. “Seven

Hawk pondered. “How
can we find two spirits in the space of seven days, when we have no
idea as to what they look like or where they are?”

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Atom Porn Story: "Together Chapter 1"

He was always thought of as the smart one. The responsible one. Even as a child, they all seem to run to him for ideas or plans. It was a bit annoying. He was just an eight year old, but they put so much on him just because he was a good, logical kid. Now, however, things are different. They dont rush over to him with their problems. Instead, they stand back and look at his problems. That had to be even more annoying. Even if he didnt always like it, he was use to be the golden boy. A goody-two-shoes, if you will. He was simply use to being the responsible, mature boy that everyones proud of. He wasnt use to everyone thinking of him as a stupid and irresponsible kid.

I stare at my cell phone, trying to decipher Goos text message. I sigh in defeat and sent back a simple what? to her. I lower my phone to stare mindless at the TV. Some Sci-Fi movie is playing, but I cant really get into it. The effects are totally lame. I glance at my phone. Wonder whats taking Goo so long. She can usually text in lighting speed. Then again, her random button smashing makes it hard to read. Shed wrote a lot, but I could only understand a little of it. I guess its a good thing shes taking her time. I halfheartedly watch as some muscle-bound archer fights a crappy looking dragon. I wonder how old this movie is? Whatever, theres more important things to think about. Shes just two months along. Seven months seems so far away though.

Yo dweeb, make way, Terrences voice rung in my ears, setting off an in Continue reading

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